50+ Best And Highest Paying URL Shortener

Are you searching about how to earn money online? If yes then today in this post we will know what is URL Shortner? And how to make money from it?

Let us now go ahead and know how to earn money online using URL Shortne.

What is URL Shortener?

URL shortener website is a website with the help of which you can shorten any link. For example, if the url (link) of any website is too long, and does not look good, then you can shorten that long url or link with the help of this website and use it.

#1. Za.gl

What is Za.gl URL Shortner?

You must have used many apps to earn money online and must have shared their links with your friends, Similarly, you must have seen many more links which are quite long but many people share those links by shortening them because big links seem to be Irritating somewhere and put Bad Impression.

But if the link is short then it is also easy to share and remember. That’s why we can make long links short with the help of many online websites, these websites are called URL Shortner Websites.

How To Make Money With Za.gl?

Here is the first way by which you will shorten the link and then share it somewhere. When a user clicks on that link, you will get money. To shorten the link, first login to Zagl’s Dashboard. Then instead of “Your URL here”, enter the link you want to shorten.

Then click on Shorten Link. As soon as you click on Shorten Link, you will get Short Link of Long URL. You can share it wherever you want to share it and earn money.

If you have a Blog and Youtube Channel and you put some download-like things on your blog like Blog Templates, Movies, Songs and Pdf or Other Files, then you can also apply Download Link by shortening the URL from Zagl. When a user clicks on the download link to download, you will get money.

Payout Mathod

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Wallet For Advertisers

Payout Rates

Note: Payout Earnings per 10000 Views

#2. Gplinks URL Shortener

GP Link is a kind of URL Shortner website, which shortens the long URL of any website. To shorten means to convert to short form.

GPlinks offers you a fast payment system, so you can receive Your Payment in less than an hour. Sometimes you may get your payment right away.

Gplinks Payment Method

  • Paytm: Receive in Paytm Wallet
  • UPI: Receive Payment Via UPI
  • Bank Transfer
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Bitcoin

Payout Rates

Note: Payout Earnings per 1000 Views

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#3. ShtFly URL Shortener

Shtfly.com is a URL shortener that works just like the other url shorteners to earn money ; It shows an intermediate page with ads that visitors must skip in order to access the destination link . With this , Shtfly.com will reward us with money in your account for each of the visits . Once the minimum balance has been reached , you can request the withdrawal through the available payment methods .

URL Shortener
URL Shortener

The Shtfly.com site has everything you need to be a reliable site ; we can find the terms of service , privacy policy and other sections such as FAQ , contact form and DMCA .

Another interesting point is a series of rewards that we can get for actions such as reviews , publishing proof of payment , etc. We can find these in the Rewards section linked on the main page of this shortener . Its wide presence in almost all the most well – known social networks also stands out , this being a very favorable point to be a reliable URL shortener .

ShtFly Payment Method

  • PayPal
  • Paytm (India)
  • FaucetPay
  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer

Payout Rates

Note: Payout Earnings per 1000 Views

Highest RatesLowest RatesWorldwide Rates

#4. FC.LC URL Shortener

FC.LC It works like all the others URL Shortener, and although it does not have any feature to highlight ; the good evaluations received and the generous payment rates point to it as one of the shorteners destined to be part of the repertoire of preferences of many users.

Write an article about it ( you can even use your referral link in it ) and earn $ 2 if your website has at least 1 milion alexa rank . Create a Youtube video telling about it and earn $ 5 if your channel have 10k subscribers or more.

There is apparently contradictory information about counting multiple visits from the same IP on their pages . In the rates page it indicates that multiple are counted , however , in a recent message in the control panel it is affirmed that only income is obtained by the unique visits . The explanation of this is that only users are counted from the same connection , an example can be from a workplace or a school where several different users make use of their links .

FC.LC Payment Method

Withdrawal MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
WebMoney Z$03.00

Fc.lc Payout Rates

Note: Payout Earnings per 1000 Views

Highest RatesLowest RatesWorldwide

#5. EXE.IO URL Shortener

If you want to use URL shortener effectively and make money from URL shortener service then you have to depend on these websites. Exe.io Deserves your trust as it is one of the most trusted URL shortener.

Exe.io is Also a Very popular link shortening website in which you can easily earn money by shrinking your links. Plus, they also provide you with your payment at the right time.

Exe.io Payment Method

Withdrawal MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount

Exe.io Payout Rates

Note: Payout Earnings per 1000 Views

Highest RatesLowest RatesWorldwide Rates

If you are looking for more URL Shorteners then you can view our URL Shortener List by clicking the button below.

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